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Gabriela Fullon, LMHC

"I am new. History made me...

I was born at the crossroads and I am whole."

-Aurora Levins Morales

A Good Journey

Our lives are layered, unique, reiterative journeys that move and change in so many different ways over time.  Sometimes the waters are rough, sometimes we lose our way, sometimes our loads are just a little too heavy.  Whatever the case, my goal as a therapist is to provide a safe and secure space where you can be curious, reflective, and can practice navigating the pathways of your life in ways that feel most authentic to who you want to be in the world.


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About Me

I am a second generation Filipino American mental health counselor, educator, and organizer.  I believe the health and healing of the individual contributes to the health and healing of the community.  In my work, I help build bridges supporting the connection to one's self, to others, and between communities.

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